Friday, February 11, 2011

Planning ahead for Weight Loss Success!

As a Complicated Skinny Girl who wants to be lean & healthy, I need to plan ahead!!  I've already talked about preparing our food for the week, which is critical to our success!! But have you taken the time to plan your menu for the DAY??  What I mean by this, is when you wake up in the morning, you should already know what's on your menu for the day!!   That's right; you should know exactly what you will be eating for the entire day; all meals!!   You should have many choices if you've taken the time to prepare your food for the week!!  I want to share with you, what I will be eating today:

Breakfast-   2 scrambled egg whites (using Pam Olive Oil spray)
                   1/2 cup cooked Quinoa with garlic powder, lite butter, and lite salt
                   1/4 sliced avocado on the side
                   1/2 cup Hot Chocolate Almond Milk

Lunch-       4 oz. lean turkey boneless chops pan fried with 2 teaspoons of Coconut Oil
                   Large (about 10 oz) salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, shoestring beets, 
                   grated zucchini, and 4 TBSP of my lowfat "Follow your Heart Ranch Dressing"

Dinner-      4.5 oz of pan seared boneless Salmon (using Pam Olive Oil spray)
                  Large (about 8 oz.) serving of roasted green beans with garlic powder
                  and drizzled with olive oil, salt & pepper

Snack-       1 /2 cup hot Chocolate Almond Milk
                  (I think this helps me sleep well, due to my Hypoglycemia )

Knowing your menu for the day will make for a less stressful day, allowing zero room for mistakes!!  This makes perfect sense, doesn't it!  The rewards for planning ahead are HUGE!!

My good friend Dawn @ has set the standard for the perfect weight loss eating plan.  She's not complicated like us,  BUT she has lost over 100 pounds by planning ahead! Her eating guidelines will help you tremendously!  She's also really creative when it comes to cooking; She shares her recipes with us on her You Tube Channel, "The Fountain of Health"
Check out her videos.  She's a wealth of information; so creative & fun!!
Until next time,
Be well  :)