Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Little Push to Help You Get Back on Track!!

As a Complicated Skinny Girl,  I know exactly what I should be doing and how I should be eating!!  But here's the deal; I am not a perfect human being!!  I have my off moments, and I make my fair share of mistakes!!  So..... What do we do when we are off track?  How do we get back on?  Well, we get back to basics, that's what we do!!  Do not get overwhelmed; this only makes things worse!!  The worse thing you can do is say to yourself, "Well,  I've already screwed up, so I will just start tomorrow!!  Wrong answer!!  Do not turn one single mistake into endless days of crappy eating!!

The basics are this: You should be in your kitchen at least two days a week, preparing your food! 
People like us need a heat and eat situation at all times!!  We all know that if our healthy food is not readily available, and we get hungry, we will reach for whatever is available!!  Right?  So get busy in your kitchen!!  Make a batch of quinoa, prepare some chicken breasts and turkey burgers!!  Steam a couple batches of veggies!!  Think ahead!!  I also make it a point to keep my pantry loaded with quick foods; such as canned tuna or chicken breast,  frozen healthy veggies, brown rice tortillas, avocados, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs and  egg beaters, and my favorite salad dressing, "Follow Your Heart, Organic Lowfat Ranch Dressing!  I also make sure I am always stocked with both Flax oil & Olive oil. All these things make it easy for me to get back on track!

So I woke up this morning, and I haven't been feeling well, and  I haven't really been with it in regards to preparing my food!  I was feeling guilty, but not overly ambitious about preparing my food for the week.  Fortunately, I always have a fresh batch of quinoa in my refrigerator, as it is one of the few grains I can eat.  So I turned to my quick foods!!  I scrambled 2 eggs with mushrooms, added 1/2 cup of quinoa, and had a side of avocado with it. A  perfectly well balanced meal requiring little effort. :)

Remember this: You are human!  You will make mistakes!!  But that is no reason to give up!! Pick yourself up and get right back on!!  You can do this!!

Here are my dietary guidelines;  At every meal you should consume 4 oz. or 21 grams of protein, 12 oz. or 30 grams of carbs (and I'm not talking complex carbs; please refer to a list of low glycemic carbohydrates), and 9 added grams of good fat.  I'm not talking 9 total grams of fat per meal, I am saying that you need to add 9 grams of fat, such as Flax or Olive oil, Avocado, or Salad dressing, etc.,

Are you feeling better after reading this?  I know I am!!  :)

So what's for lunch?? I think I'll have a tuna salad, with 4.5 oz. of tuna, shoestring beets, 1/2 avocado, sliced mushrooms, and my "Follow your Heart" salad dressing!  Yummy!!

Tomorrow, I hope to spend some time in my kitchen and prepare my food for the week!  I hope you will make it important and do the same! :)

You know what they say; When you fail to plan, you plan to fail!!  How true is this???

Until next time,
Be well  :)