Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lighten Up!

Have you ever let a few extra pounds turn your world upside down??  What I mean by this, is we sometimes go into 'Panic Mode" when we gain a few extra pounds, and from there it turns into an unhealthy obsession!!  I myself have been guilty of this!  Who hasn't at one time or another??
This unhealthy obsession can straight sabotage our weight loss goals and actually cause us to gain even MORE weight!  Yes, it's true!!
So my advice to you, is to LIGHTEN UP!!  So you've gained a few extra pounds!!  It's not the end of the world!!   You've lost the weight before, and you can lose it again!!  Something tells me if you are reading this,  you already have all the necessary tools to get lean & healthy!  That in itself puts you ahead of the game, meaning you already know what you should be doing; healthy food choices, meal planning, etc., etc.,  So be Thankful that you have these wonderful tools, put them to use, and make a conscious effort to getting back on track!  There is just no need for the mental beating!  Honestly!!  I hate to sound like a Nike commercial, but "Just Do It!"
If you walk by the mirror and suddenly feel bummed because you've gained a few pounds and maybe your skinny jeans aren't fitting as comfortably as they did a few months ago, I suggest you have a little talk with yourself;  Follow up that negative thought with, "I'm back on track, so I don't need to worry about this, I will be rid of those extra pounds in no time!"  Positive affirmations will save you during this common crisis!!  We are not perfect human beings and we will have our off moments, so to speak.  So LIGHTEN UP!! 
That's not to say you should take your weight gain lightly, but if you want to obsess, then obsess on spending 2 days a week in your kitchen,  preparing your food, planning ahead, making healthy food choices and being aware of your trigger foods!!  Remove any and all trigger foods from your pantry!!  Why torture yourself??
Am I making any sense to you??  Are you proactive or reactive??  Proactive would be the correct answer.  Reacting to your weight gain usually results in panic mode, and old behavior! So don't go there!  And if you do find yourself there; make a U turn!!  It is never to late to turn it around.  Do not procrastinate!  "I'll start tomorrow" never works!  Why not start today??
You are stronger than you think you are!!
Until next time,
Be well :)